Marijuana Seeds: Where to Buy

When looking for the best marijuana seeds, you have a lot of options. Here are the best we've found.

Weed Seed Strain Banks

Whether you're an old timer that's been growing for decades, or a newbie that just bought your first grow tent, getting great weed seeds is incredibly important.Obtaining great marijuana genetics can feel like a pain sometimes, so we decided to put together a list of the best seed banks in the US and beyond. We'll also share some great growing tips for new growers after we present you with our favorites.Lets dive in and see where you can find the best marijuana seeds in the United States.

Phoenix Seeds & Clones (Phoenix, AZ)

One of the best things about getting your Phoenix marijuana seeds from Phoenix Seeds & Clones, aside from their top tier strains, is that you don't have to be in Phoenix!They actually ship their seeds across the US and can even provide seeds to large scale cultivators. So if you're looking for an order of just 3 seeds or 3,000, Phoenix Seeds & Clones can get them to you.The staff is incredibly friendly and are always on live chat to help you navigate your first marijuana seed order. They have a monthly giveaway like many of the others on this list so definitely opt in when they offer it because they do other fun giveaways all year long.Bonus: If you live in the phoenix area and you don't feel confident you can sprout seeds effectively (it's actually really easy!), you can order from their extensive clone menu and get 6"-12" plants for as low as $20 per plant!

Oklahoma Seeds & Clones (Oklahoma)

If you're out in the rural backwoods of Oklahoma and want to grow your own weed, we have good news for you!It is now legal for medical marijuana patients in Oklahoma to purchase clones and seeds for their own home grows! This is exciting news for the Oklahoma marijuana community.Although it's one of the most religious states in the entire United States, they passed legislation to allow medical marijuana!So, for all medical marijuana growers in the great state of OK, be sure to reach out to Oklahoma Seeds and Clones.Similar to phoenix Seeds and Clones,Oklahoma marijuana clones
will ship their vast array of autoflower and photoperiod seeds straight to your door, anywhere in the United States. They have a location in Oklahoma City where you can come in and purchase their seeds or clones as well.
They also have a great giveaway every month, have a friendly, knowledgeable staff and provide some of the highest yielding strains in the USA.So, order from Oklahoma Seeds and Clones today, especially if you're a patient in OKC!

New York Seeds & Clones (New York)

From Manhattan to Buffalo to Rochester, growers across the great state of New York had reason to celebrate in 2021 when New York passed legislation allowing for recreational marijuana!Soon, this legislation will allow users to also grow their own highly potent marijuana in the comfort of their own home, saving thousands of dollars each year. Everyone is tired of dispensaries gouging patients, and New York residents are no different.A small but wonderful company called New York Seeds & Clones has set up shop in anticipation of the new laws taking effect. For now, they aren't selling marijuana clones in New York, but they do sell seeds that ship fast at a great price!We recommend taking this approach if you live in the state of New York. Go to New York Seeds & Clones and sign up for their clone waiting list so you are first in line to grab clones when the laws go into effect. Next ,order some of their killer seeds strains like Cookie Dawg, Runtz Haze or high THC Apple Banana to get your first plants going.They don't have a physical location yet, but they will soon so stay tuned. I spoke to Colin, the owner, and they should be ready to sell clones by January 2023!

Phoenix Weed Delivery (Arizona)

This one may seem a little different, but they're service is hands down the best out here in Arizona. weed delivery Phoenix sells all cannabis products direct to the door of medical marijuana patients in the Phoenix area, but they also sell seeds and clones!With Covid 19 having a major impact on dispensaries in the Phoenix area, a new wave of weed delivery startups emerged. Out of the handful that made their way into the market in 2020, Phoenix weed delivery was the one that stands out.Their site is clean and easy to navigate, they have a huge menu of the finest products, and they get to your door fast. They're almost overly polite at times, but it's all part of their plan to be the most friendly weed delivery service in Phoenix.They had to work out some kinks at the very beginning as most startups do, but now it's a lean, mean, cannabis delivery machine.Be sure to order some of their Kush Kingdom flower, rosin or pre rolls, and throw in a few of their premium clones or seeds. Who said you can't grow your own while you smoke someone else's?Next time you're out in Phoenix with the boys or girls, get an order delivered to blaze your way through Arizona!

Marijuana Clones Online (National)

One of the fastest growing brands in the US with some of the hottest strains on the market is Marijuana Clones Online Marijuana Clones Online .They get some of the hardest to find seeds in the world, germinate them into mother plants and ship the clones anywhere in the US!They have some of the most in demand strains like Gelato, Gorilla Glue, Alien OG, Wedding Cake, Sunday Driver, Slurricane and more.Although their business is primarily marijuana clones, they have some exceptional seeds that you simply won't find anywhere else. Like a mazing Apple Fritter crosses, Gorilla Glue Crosses, Purple Punch crosses and more.Shipping is a little expensive, but they do ship overnight to ensure the clones you receive are in perfect condition and ready to transplant.Reach out to them today and place your order, no matter where you live.


Regardless of where you get your marijuana seeds for your next grow, if you go with one of the brands on this list you're guaranteed to have a spectacular grow.Each business was hand selected after vetting dozens over the past year. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team if you have a specific seed you're looking to find.Good luck on your grow this year, whether you're growing a football field size grow or popping two seeds in your closet!